Cat Collar "René Mogritte"

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By Niaski

  • Artfully designed cat collar inspired by Belgian surrealistic painter René Magritte
  • Fitted with a safety breakaway clip in case your cat becomes stuck somewhere
  • Unique and colorful. This will make your cat the fashion queen (or king) in the neighborhood.
  • Including enamel pendant with gold finish
  • Fully adjustable, fits around any cat's neck
  • Fits softly around the neck is yet sturdy
  • Comes with a cat shaped backing card


Cats are not always the biggest fans of collars. These cat collars are soft and sturdy at the same time. They are also equipped with a safety breakaway clip that will break free if your cat gets stuck somewhere.

How to fit:
Allow space for two fingers between the collar and the neck. This will ensure a good and comfortable fit for your cat.

An original design by Niaski, inspired by René Magritte (1898-1967), a Belgian surrealist artist who became known for his witty and thought-provoking paintings. The enamel pendant is a reference to Magritte's painting The Son of Man (1964), in which an apple hangs in front of a man's face. The man is also wearing a billycock on his head.

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