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About Kieferngrün | Lara Hacker

Lara Hacker, known as Kieferngrün, is an illustrator and designer from Hamburg. She prefers to paint with watercolours and coloured pencils. Her style is "cute". We love Lara's characteristic cats because she stages them so precisely in very everyday situations - namely, primarily lying down. Her cats Rikku and Whiskey have provided her with enough inspiration for this. The two are as different as day and night. While Rikku needs love all day long and sits next to her, Lara is happy to be ablte to pet Whiskey maybe once a day. However, Lara doesn't only paint cats, but also super cute bats, bumblebees, pigs, dogs, mice, rabbits and frogs. And now tell us: Who can resist the sight of these cute little googly eyes?