Hirondelle Bijoux

Cat Jewelry From Paris

About Hirondelle Bijoux

Agathe's a.k.a. Hirondelle Bijoux's artistic work began with birdhouses and pencil cups. She then decided to enter the world of jewelry and attended the Haute École de Joaillerie in Paris in 2006. There she learned the basics of jewelry making for four years. She initially worked in a jewelry workshop for a few years, but in 2016 she finally took the step and founded her own fashion jewelry company. Inspired by little swallows in her uncle's garden, swallows were to be her first collection. This is where the name “Hirondelle Bijoux” comes from, which literally means “swallow jewelry”.

Agathe only produces small quantities. She designs and makes all of her jewelry herself in her studio. She saws, drills, welds and cuts the brass plates to bring her drawings to life. Agathe works in a traditional way: she uses brass, which she has gilded or silvered with fine gold by a goldsmith and then given a thin layer of protective varnish. You can find your fabulous cat collection here!