Sustainable Screen Prints From Hamburg

About Frohstoff

Frohstoff is a Hamburg manufacturer founded in 2002 by Meike and Jörg with its own tailoring shop. It is located in a historic merchant's shop from the 1930s at the foot of Hamburg's Michel. Meike, Jörg and their team use sustainable materials and pay attention to high quality standards and environmental sustainability. Their products range from a wide range of textiles (e.g. tea towels or pillowcases) to stationery products.

Frohstoff still works in a very traditional way, without large machines and equipment: from cutting, mixing the colors to manual screen printing. The entire textile collection and the exclusive stationery made from acid-free paper are hand-pulled piece by piece using a squeegee, the screen printer's craft instrument. Every single part has passed through several hands. In the factory, high-quality and reasonable materials are lovingly processed by craftsmanship. Their colors are solvent-free and ecologically degradable. Everything is locally produced, plastic-free and contains no animal ingredients.