Let's face it: cats are the best animals in the world. Dogs are okay too, but what are their states of mind besides "happy" honestly? Cats can be anything – cute, lazy, proud, grim, vain, cuddly, peaceful, stubborn and certainly hungry at all times. That's what makes them so lovable and adorable.

So it's no wonder that these fluff balls have a large human fan club. Accordingly, there are "original" gifts for cat lovers made in China on every corner – from dish brushes to cell phone cases or cutting boards.
That's one way to surprise someone, but that's quite generic. Much nicer: creative cat art, illustrated and designed by cat-loving artists from all over the world. You can find them here with us. We'll provide you 10 ideas for special gifts for cat lovers that hardly anyone has ever seen.

1. Cat Art Prints


Have you ever seen Vincent van Gogh as a cat in one of his own paintings? Or a sea cat in the pond of the impressionist Claude Monet? No? The birthday boy or girl certainly hasn't either. Picturesque prints and high-quality art prints with cats are great eye-catchers on any living room wall!

2. Cat Postcards


You can't go wrong with cute postcards. If you're dead certain that it has to be just this design, then buy several as a set. Otherwise, put together a colorful selection.
Pro-tip: Write your birthday greeting or other explosive secrets on a card and frame the postcard. That way you have two gifts in one: a personal, handwritten text and a cat painting for the wall. It's a thousand times nicer than any WhatsApp message!


3. Cat Street Art Decor


The cat fan to be gifted loves the colorful quarters of the city? Then we can recommend the wooden photo squares by Kila Photography. This is the finest cat street art from the far north of Germany and super decorative for urban home furnishings!

4. Meowy Trinkets


Cat jewelry makes the heart of every cat lover beat faster with us, of course, made in painstaking handwork. Watch out that the lucky one does not faint from pure joy!

5. Pins for the Fashionable Icing on the Cake


Cat pins and brooches are original accessories as well. The daily companions are subtle eye-catchers on a blouse, vest, bag or backpack. Our selection comes from the British artist Nia Gould (Niaski) – you can find her pins in stores across Germany only here with us.

6. Craft Equipment


If your birthday boy or girl is more of a creative type, then you're well served with washi tape or stickers, for example. Such things are great for scrapbooking or other creative cat artwork. Or maybe a notepad? We all have to-dos. And we all have to go shopping. The cat food does not buy itself!

7. Cat Books


For the more culturally aware cat lovers, we recommend a look at our category of "UniCats". Often you can find special one-of-a-kind books from the world of cat literature, for example "Katzenkunst – Ein Kompendium kultivierter Katzen in Kunst und Film" or "The Cats Gallery of Art" by Susan Herbert. Really great books!

8. Rare Flea Market Treasures


While we are at the category "UniCats". UniCats are special finds, mostly from Germany's flea markets or marketplaces. For flea market lovers, the perfect cat gift could be hidden here! But beware: each piece is unique. So be quick before someone else snatches it from under your nose!

9. Tote Bags with Cat Designs


Plastic bags are so 2018. The future belongs to tote bags! Nowadays, everyone can make good use of the sturdy jute bags. A surefire gift for cat lovers – especially with these designs of the Dresden artist BeutelEule. Our favorite: monocle cat!

10. The World's Funniest Cat Birthday Card


Wait! You almost forgot the most important thing. A birthday card à la Grumpy Cat should not be missing. The folded card is a must for birthday grouches, but of course also incredibly funny for all other cat owners!

Our gifts for cat lovers are of course not only suitable for birthdays. There is also Christmas – or other occasions. Or you can surprise the Crazy Cat Lady or the Crazy Cat Gentleman with a little something – then the joy is twice as big.

Have fun making your loved ones happy!