Trees planted so far

Currently we have planted 15 trees in our corporate forest.

You can find all the trees that we have planted with your help on our Treedom profile page.

Not far now to the Instagram raffle!

Every 100 orders we give away a tree on Instagram.
The lucky one will become an official tree godfather! 
In our sustainability concept we explain how and why we plant trees with Treedom.

Which tree are we giving away next?

Just the thing for all coffee addicts: Next up is a coffee bush in Tanzania. You can find his profile, including his diary and coordinates, here.

About coffee

The coffee bush, from whose beans we get the beverage with the same name, belongs to the red pepper family. A glance at the supermarket shelves tells us that there are more than 100 species, but the best known are Arabica and Robusta. Coffee is an important source of income for local communities.

A conservative estimate of CO2 bonding in the first ten years of life: 55 kg (5.5 kg per year).